Friday, February 7, 2014

Upgrade to Metro Jazz, Baner Annex, Pune!

Be Selfish!

Whenever an old friend or a relative meets me, he requests for a tip on investment opportunities in Pune real estate market. Except my cousin Sunil. Sunil has never asked me. We never talked about properties or property prices in Pune!

True, since I have started blogging on Pune real estate market, Sunil hasn't purchased or invested in a property. So what? People love to talk about property. As much as people love to talk about cricket. Even those who don't play cricket or invest in property love to talk about it. Particularly when you meet an expert!

If Sunil had just showed curiosity about my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog and my 3 minutes free advise on 919860044110, I would have felt good. I would have been sure that Sunil recognizes my authority and expertise.

When Sunil's nonrecognition became unbearable, I decided to take initiative. One day, I started talking about some newly launched projects in Pune. And you know what? Sunil showed interest!

"Glad to know that you are interested in investing in real estate!," I said. Yes, I avoided to say - How desperate I was for your recognition, Sunil!

"No! I am not interested in investing in property. I am interested in investing myself. Is there any better investment option than me?," said Sunil.

"Certainly not! You are the best, Sunil!," I said. Yes, I avoided to say - When will you accept that I am also as good as you are? Sunil, when will you accept that achieving a status of an authority on Pune real estate - is a big achievement!

"Now, I want to upgrade my lifestyle. I want to buy a better home for me," said Sunil.

"Done! How many BHKs? What is your budget? Any preferred location?," desperate to demonstrate my expertise, I asked.

"Come on! Again you are talking about property! You can do better than this. Mr. Ravi Karandeekar, help me to upgrade my lifestyle - help me to upgrade my home - don't talk like 'property adviser' - think like 'the lifestyle up-gradation expert' - I am a selfish man. I want to upgrade me! I have a one point program - 'Be Selfish - Keep on Upgrading Yourself'!," said Sunil.

Welcome to the Age of the Upgrade!

Tired of answering typical questions about development prospects of some fringe village - like Sus & Wagholi and potential of appreciation of new investment destinations around Pune city - like Pirangut and Shirwal, I liked Sunil's idea of thinking like 'the lifestyle up-gradation expert'!

'Be Selfish - Keep on Upgrading Yourself' was quite an interesting principal than pseudo-rational ideas about investing in a third grade property - at some inconvenient & un-urbanized location - by some newbie builder!

"What do you mean by 'Keep on Upgrading Yourself'?," I asked.

"This is an age of 'Upgrade'! Every product we use is upgraded - regularly & consistently. Your mobile phone, laptop, car, fridge & even skin cream & washing powder. Intention is to remain competitive & more useful. Same with the people. If you don't upgrade yourself - you can become useless to your employer - and may lose your job. So, to keep on earning bread - I keep on learning - keep on improving my skills - keep on shaping my personality - keep on investing in myself - keep on upgrading me," said Sunil.

"To upgrade my relations with my wife and children - I have a counsellor. I follow my dietitian's advice to upgrade my health. Because - I believe in upgrades - because - from hour to hour we ripe and ripe, - and, then from hour to hour we rot and rot - Point is - be my lifestyle up-gradation expert - help me upgrade my home!," said Sunil.

Sunil's appeal touched me. It proved that Sunil considers me more than an authority on Pune real estate. Sunil trusts that I can provide a solution which will help him to fulfill his life goals.

As a real estate salesman, I had mastered the skill of matching the property with the property buyer's general day to day needs - expectations. But, I had never considered the unspoken desires of the property buyers. Not even while blogging about properties in Pune!

I took it as a challenge and had a frank discussion with Sunil. As I started understanding him, I realized that I need to have a close look at my favorite projects from Sunil's view point. I have to reconsider which project has the potential to upgrade Sunil's lifestyle. In this exercise, I knew that, the architect of the project would be a great help. And you know what? I found the right architect & project!

Swapping Inadequate Properties:

I started to have a look at my favorite projects from Sunil's view point. From 'up-gradation of lifestyle' point of view.

Since most of the medium budget projects in Pune are planned for first time home buyers - mainly IT professionals - working in Hinjewadi or Kharadi, they bank on distance - connectivity.

Those are in an affordable category, talk about property price & investment potential.

Whereas, the premium projects - which are for high income - high net-worth - buyers & investors - focus on size of apartment and high end specifications.

So, my job of finding a project which can be considered as upgrade for someone who already owns a home - was quite easy as well as very difficult.

When I started talking with the property buyers - I realized that most of the time - these property buyers have gone for their 'next' flat because - the 'next' flat had something - which their 'current' flat didn't have. Say an extra room or an amenity - like swimming pool.

It means that, 'inadequacy' of their 'current' flat was the main reason behind buying the 'next' flat.

These 'next' flats were generally located in an extension of their current neighborhood. Sad thing was - though these 'next' flats were fulfilling what their 'current' flats were lacking - most of these property buyers were unhappy!

These property buyers were unhappy because they were sure that - when they would shift in these 'next' flats - their life would become somewhat difficult. Because, compared to their 'current' neighborhood, the location of their 'next' flat had low quality infrastructure.

It means that, in the 'next' flat - their quality of life was going to go down. It means that - mostly the 'next' flat was not really an upgrade - it didn't really upgrade their lifestyle.

What they had achieved is - they have just swapped old 'inadequacy' with new 'inadequacy'. No upgrade at all. Only exchanging 'current' inadequate property for 'next' inadequate property!

Yes, I agree with you, if I had named the 'inadequate' properties it would have been easy to understand. But, I have purposely avoided to name them. Because, if I tell you the names of the locations - for example, assume that 'current' flat is a 2 BHK Flat in Kothrud and a 'next' flat is a 3 BHK Flat in Bavdhan Budruk - you will immediately agree with me. Right?

Why the 'next' flat failed to become upgrade? I asked myself.

You know what I found? Because, the project was not planned as an 'upgrade'!

This realization made me focus on the planning. On the concept of the project.

A Home for Non Resident Indians - NRIs:

As I went on considering the concepts of the recently launched or under construction projects in the budget range of 1 to 2 crores, I became more and more unhappy. Most of the projects did not have any 'concept'. At times their planning was defective or seriously compromised.

Of course, there were a few exceptions like Nandan Prospera at Baner. When I told Sunil about it, he said that I was on the right track! I thanked one of my readers who had gone for Nandan Prospera by selling his old flat in Amit Ved Vihar at Chandani Chowk on Paud Road at Kothrud!

Now my parameters were defined. So, I had a look at some of the concepts I have invented. Yes, sometimes, while suggesting a property to my readers - I have to invent a concept. My invented concept helps me to tell my readers why I recommend certain projects. Of course, though the concept is invented by me - it is always based on logic and ground truths.

For example, when I visited the 4 BHK sample flat of Metro Jazz on the eve of launch, I not only told my NRI readers that this is a right property for them but I insisted that they should book this 2 crore 4 BHK Apartment today - as their future home - their safety nest - in Pune! This was not builder's or architect's concept but my own invented concept!

But Metro Jazz ( - located opposite VITS Hotel on the junction of Baner Road & Mumbai Bangalore Highway - doesn't have only 4 BHK Apartments!

In 12 story 4 buildings of 6 acre Metro Jazz, there are 3 BHK Apartments with Servant Room, 3 BHK Apartments and 2 BHKs too!

If 4 BHK Apartments are for NRIs then other types of Apartments are for whom? I asked myself. I have to review the complete project to find the answer, I told myself.

When I started studying the project - one surprise popped up. The project was designed by Architect Vikas Achalkar (, one of the leading architects in Pune!

You know why Vikas Achalkar is one of the most sought after architects in Pune? Because the projects designed by Architect Vikas Achalkar sell like hot cakes!

Yes, every builder in Pune accepts that and gives entire credit to Architect Achalkar. And you know what? For the same reason - for focusing on instant booking - I have criticized Architect Achalkar in the past! Instead of focusing on instant booking - I firmly believe that - an architect should focus on planning better homes. Selling flats is not an architect's responsibility. Selling is the job of advertising and marketing professionals.

When I looked at all types of flats in Metro Jazz and the planning of the entire project - I was shocked. While designing Metro Jazz - Architect Vikas Achalkar has not used his successful formula of designing hot selling properties. The focus was not on supplying what is in demand. The focus was on designing a good home. Quality property.

The total concept of Metro Jazz is very well defined. Certainly for the typical home buyers. I am convinced. That's why I can confidently recommend 4 BHK Apartments to my NRI readers. Still, there is more in Metro Jazz and I am sure, only Architect Vikas Achalkar can throw light on it.

Residents of Baner - Balewadi, Upgrade Your Lifestyle!:

To review Metro Jazz. I want to know your thoughts - concept, I announced as soon as I entered Architect Vikas Achalkar's office.

"Go ahead and shoot," said Architect Achalkar.

"Considering the location - why didn't you focus on first time home buyers working in Hinjewadi? If you had designed 2 BHK Flat of 650 carpet area in the price range of Rs. 70 -75 Lakhs and 3 BHK Flats of 950 - 1000 carpet area for say 90 Lakhs - like your other projects - you would have got instant bookings!," I asked.

"A typical builder does one project in 3 years - but I design 300 projects in one year. So, I am in a better position to decide for whom the project should be designed," said Architect Achalkar.

"What about a blogger like me? Why I am finding it difficult to understand the concept behind Metro Jazz?," I asked.

"Because you analyze what is designed - you are not involved in designing the concept!," said Architect Achalkar.

"True! But I am in touch with the property buyers - I know the current market trends. Don't I?," I said.

"Yes! You know the market. But you don't know how to create the market. Only I can identify the niche and create a market out of that niche!," said Architect Achalkar.

"How do you do that?," I asked.

"By observation - by research - it's an ongoing exercise - understanding the needs & demands of the property buyers. You know what? First, I have to sell my concept to the builder! Buyer's investment is in couple of crores - whereas, builder's investment is in hundreds of crores. Just imagine - how challenging it would be to sell my concept to the builder!," said Architect Achalkar.

"How do you do that? How do you sell your concept to the builder?," I asked.

"By analyzing the strengths & weaknesses of the builder, I have to develop a concept which will not only fulfill the buyer's need but which will be constructed as planned and which fits in the current development rules and regulations - I don't have a free hand here! I am bound by commercial - humanitarian - social - as well as development rules! Expecting an ideal is easy - but designing the ideal in these constraints is a huge challenge," said Architect Achalkar.

"What was the challenge in Metro Jazz?," I asked.

"Capacity of the builder - was not a challenge. Size & shape of the plot - was not a challenge. Identifying niche - was a challenge! Mainly because of the location - as you said - the location - opposite VITS Hotel in Balewadi Stadium - was ideal for multiple buyer segments," said Architect Achalkar.

"You should have called me! I would have given two options. 1) For the first time home buyers in Hinjewadi. 2) Premium 3000 sq.ft.flats for the rich. Both concepts would have been hot selling!," I said.

"Creativity is in going beyond obvious! Any architect would have accepted your options. But I would have refused. You know why? Because, I am committed to the success of the project. And my commitment to the success of the project - told me that - why should a builder - who is in the business for last 10 - 15 years - has his past projects - his own customer base - in Baner Balewadi - go hunting for new property buyers - like a newbie builder?," said Architect Achalkar.

"Then what should the established builder do?," I asked.

"The builder should focus on his old customer base - in Baner Balewadi - and develop a new project for them - Metro Jazz - on the border of Baner & Mhalunge - at the junction of Baner Road & Mumbai Bangalore Highway!," said Architect Achalkar.

"New flat at the corner - for the old residents of Baner Balewadi?," I asked.

"Yes! See at any given point - the flat is designed as per the contemporary lifestyle - over the period that lifestyle changes and the flat becomes irrelevant - unsuitable - it stops fulfilling the needs of the property buyers - my solution for Metro Jazz was to go for those home buyers in Baner Balewadi - who find their old flats unsuitable for their current lifestyle!," said Architect Achalkar.

"A home is a home is a home - a set of living - kitchen - bedroom - toilets - how it can become unsuitable?," I asked.

"We are not talking about inventing a wheel - we are talking about upgrades - this an era of upgrades - Metro Jazz is an upgrade to old flats - constructed even 5 - 6 years ago - in Baner & Balewadi!," said Architect Vikas Achalkar.

"Upgrade for flats only in Baner Balewadi? Not for the flats in Kothrud & Aundh or at Pimple Saudagar and Rahatani?," I asked.

"You know? I am modest - humble fellow. I don't make tall claims. I always talk about what is minimum possible - truth is - Metro Jazz is designed to offer contemporary lifestyle for anyone - from any corner of the world - including your NRIs!," said Architect Achalkar.

"Will you please repeat what you have just said about Metro Jazz? I want to shoot your video making a claim about Metro Jazz! Considering the number of bookings and price rise at Metro Jazz - you can feel free to make a claim about 'up-gradation'!," I said.

"Why not? It would not be a tall claim to say that upgrade to Metro Jazz - still, being a modest - humble fellow - I will only appeal to the residents of Baner - Balewadi!," said Architect Achalkar and let me shoot the video.

Upgrade to Metro Jazz, Mhalunge, Baner Annex, Pune 411045:

"Metro Jazz is an upgrade for 7 reasons," said Architect Achalkar and added that - in comparison to the flats constructed in the last decade - in some cases even 5 - 6 years ago - Metro Jazz offers:
1) More carpet area
2) Bigger room size
3) Better space layout & space utilisation
4) Better light, ventilation & privacy
5) Better specifications & amenities & enough parking
6) Better infrastructural services & safety
7) Contemporary elevation

Then Architect Achalkar elaborated each point.

1) More Carpet Area:

In the last decade, mostly 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats were built.

Generally a 2 BHK Flat used to have a carpet area of 720 - 750 sq.ft. The compact 2 BHK Flats used to come in 625 - 650 carpet area.

Whereas at Metro Jazz a 2 BHK Flat comes in two sizes -
1) 878 sq.ft. Carpet + 135 sq.ft. Terrace in C Building
2) 804 sq.ft. Carpet + 129 sq.ft. Terrace in D Building
Metro Jazz at Mhalunge Baner Annex Pune - C Building  2 BHK Flat 878 Carpet  + 135 Terrace
Metro Jazz at Mhalunge Baner Annex Pune - D Building - 2 BHK Flat 804 Carpet 129 Terrace

In the old days, carpet area of a 3 BHK Flat used to be around - 1,000 - 1,100 sq.ft.
Whereas a 3 BHK Flat in D Building of Metro Jazz comes in the size of 1,204 sq.ft. + 162 sq.ft. Terrace.
Metro Jazz at Mhalunge Baner Annex Pune - D Building 3 BHK Flat 1204 Carpet 162 Terrace - Furniture Layout

A 3 BHK Flat with Servant Room - 1378 sq.ft. Carpet + 179 sq.ft. Terrace - in C Building and
a 4 BHK Flat with Servant Room - 1750 sq.ft. Carpet + 222 sq.ft. Terrace - in A Building of Metro Jazz are certainly new offers.
Metro Jazz at Mhalunge Baner Annex Pune - C Building 3 BHK Flat with Servant Room 1378 Carpet   179 Terrace - Furniture Layout
Metro Jazz at Mhalunge Baner Annex Pune - A Building 4 BHK Flat with Servant Room 1750 Carpet   212 Terrace - Furniture Layout
In the old days - spacious 3 BHK & 4 BHK Apartments were rarely constructed. Because, in those days, constructing bungalows was easily possible. Now, those bungalow owners in Baner Balewadi have become senior citizens. If the children have settled abroad, the senior citizens find it unsafe and impractical to maintain and live in those bungalows. These senior citizen bungalow owners can upgrade to 3 & 4 BHK Apartments with Servant Rooms in the safe & secure gated community of Metro Jazz.

2) Bigger Room Sizes:

"A 2 BHK Flat in Metro Jazz is also upgrade to your old 2 BHK Flat! - Because - 'upgrade' doesn't mean only going for an extra room - from 2 BHK to 3 BHK!," said Architect Achalkar and added that - because of the bigger carpet area - you get bigger room sizes - means better - upgraded - 2 BHK Flat in Metro Jazz - Look at these room sizes of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats -
Metro Jazz at Mhalunge Baner Annex Pune - D Building - 2 BHK Flat 804 Carpet 129 Terrace - Room Sizes

Metro Jazz at Mhalunge Baner Annex Pune - C Building  2 BHK Flat 878 Carpet   135 Terrace - Room Sizes

ApartmentLiving DiningKitchenM Bedroom2nd Bedroom
2 BHK 804 Carpet11' x 20'8' x 10'13' x 10'10' x 11'
2 BHK 878 Carpet12' x 23'8' x 10'14' x 12'10' x 11'

ApartmentLivingDiningKitchenBedroom 1Bedroom 2Bedroom 3
3 BHK 1204 Carpet11' x 16' 8"8' 6" x 10'9' x 10' 6"12' x 13'12' x 12'10' x 12'

Metro Jazz at Mhalunge Baner Annex Pune - D Building 3 BHK Flat 1204 Carpet 162 Terrace - Room Sizes

The room sizes of unique 3 & 4 BHK Apartments with Servant Room in Metro Jazz are what every one dreams about but rarely gets today in - Pune real estate market. Certainly, did not in the old days. Look at these room sizes -

Room3 BHK with Servant Room 1378 Carpet4 BHK with Servant Room 1750 Carpet
Entrance Lobby8' 3" x 5'5' x 4' 6" / 5' x 9' 9"
Living12' x 16' 6"18' 3" x 16' 6"
Dining10' 6" x 10'11' x 10' 6"
Kitchen10' 6" x 10'10' x 10'
Master Bedroom 112' x 16' 6"12' x 15' 6"
Attached Toilet5' x 8'8' x 6' + 8' x 6' Walk in Wardrobe
Master Bedroom 212' x 12'12' x 15' 6"
Attached Toilet5' x 8'8' x 6'
Master Bedroom 310' x 12'12' x 11'
Attached Toilet5' x 8'5' x 8'
Master Bedroom 410' x 10'
Attached Toilet5' x 8'
Servant Room7' x 10'7' x 10'
Dry Balcony12' 6" x 4'14' x 5'
Terrace178 / 143 sq. ft.222 / 212 sq. ft.

Metro Jazz at Mhalunge Baner Annex Pune - C Building 3 BHK Flat with Servant Room 1378 Carpet   179 Terrace - Room Sizes
Metro Jazz at Mhalunge Baner Annex Pune - A Building 4 BHK Flat with Servant Room 1750 Carpet   212 Terrace - Room Sizes

3) Better space layout & space utilisation:

Only bigger carpet does not mean a better flat. An efficient layout and optimum utilization of space - converts the bigger carpet area into a better home. This better home makes your life - more comfortable. This is possible only when an architect knows the lifestyle of a home owner. Believes Architect Vikas Achalkar.

Since, the property buyer of Metro Jazz was well defined - the resident of Baner Balewadi who wanted to upgrade his lifestyle - Architect Achalkar knew his aspirations, expectations, needs & demands from his new apartment. The kind of up-gradation he was looking for. Now, it was Architect Achalkar's job to design a space which will give expected experience to the home owner. If you have a close look at the floor plans of Metro Jazz, you will say that Architect Achalkar has done his job quite well! For example -

A) Entrance Lobby:

Entrance Lobby of 2 BHK Apartment in C & D Buildings in Metro Jazz

All types of apartments in Metro Jazz have an entrance lobby. Entrance lobby gives privacy to your living room.

Because of the entrance lobby your main door opens in the right direction - as per Vastu.

Metro Jazz 1 Bedroom in Entrance Lobby
In 4 Apartment & 3 BHK with / without Servant Room, one bedroom opens in the entrance lobby. You can use this bedroom in many ways - as a guest bedroom, home office, study, grand parents' room - so that they can keep check on all family members arrival & departure times, children's bedroom - so that they can enjoy their music system and PlayStation.

As you enter the home, you can remove shoes and keep them in the entrance lobby. Along with your other 11 pairs of shoes. Yes, now a days, every husband has at least a dozen pairs of shoes. Housewife & children have a couple of dozen pairs.
C Building 3 BHK Flat with Servant Room 1378 Carpet 
Some may go for a 3 BHK Apartment with Servant Room - not because they have a servant but - because they need that much space to keep their shoes. While planning residential housing, space for shoes - is as serious as car parking issue, says Architect Achalkar.
A Building 4 BHK Flat - Inside & Outsiide Entrance Lobby with Servant Room
A 4 BHK Apartment in Metro Jazz has two entrance lobbies. One inside the home and the other outside the main door! The outside lobby is useful as a lounge - reception area - sort of Porch - Verandah - Aangan.

In a 4 BHK Apartment entrance of the servant room is in outside entrance lobby. Whereas, in 3 BHK Apartment with Servant Room it is in the entrance lobby. Through the dry balcony your servant can enter in your kitchen.

It means that, besides adding convenience, privacy and elegance, the entrance lobby makes your home more safe & secure too.

B) A Bedroom with More Space & Ample of Positive Energy:

Let us admit the truth. No bedroom size is the perfect size. Whatever may be the size of bedroom - it would not be enough for you. Mainly because of our huge collection of clothes.

We are born collectors of clothing. We don't believe in use & throw. Old clothes are our priceless possessions. We treasure first school uniform, that lucky tie - you wear for every job interview, wedding suite which you will not be able to wear the rest of your life, even first cloth nappy of your first born.

Recently, we have become conscious about dress code. Now, we wear particular dress for the specific day to day activity and special personal, family, social, religious, business occasions. Because we believe that our clothes say lot about our personality & status. Not only that! We believe that colors of our clothes affect us spiritually too!

Result is - storage space for collection of clothes in a bedroom - has become a big challenge for architects. When architect ignores this challenge - your interior decorator fulfills your need by designing huge wardrobes which occupy lot of space in your bedroom and you are left with little space.

At Metro Jazz, your bedroom belongs to you. Not to your wardrobe.
Niche for Wardrobe in 2 BHK & 3 BHK with / without Servant Room
Architect Achalkar has created special niche for your wardrobe. That's why you get maximum space of yourself.

For example, the 2nd bedroom in a 2BHK Flat in D Building, has 7' 6" x 2' special space for your children's wardrobe. Because of this your children get all 10' x 11' bedroom for themselves.

Both master-bedrooms of a 3 BHK with / without Servant Room in C & D Building also have 10' x 2' special niche for wardrobe. So that, 100 per cent space of the master-bedroom - 12' x 13' & 12' x 12'  in a 3 BHK & 12' x 16' 6" & 12' x 12'  in a 3 BHK with Servant Room -  is yours.
Walk-in Wardrobe in Master Bedroom of a 4 BHK Apartment 
Whereas, the master-bedroom of a 4 BHK Flat in A Building has 8' x 6' Walk in Wardrobe! Means all 12' x 15' are free for you.

Point is, at Metro Jazz, bedrooms are spacious and all that space is for you. Not for your clothes!
Juliet Balcony for Master Bedroom of All Types of Apartments
Besides, special niches for your wardrobe, all master-bedrooms in Metro Jazz have "Juliet Balcony" - a standing balcony. You can stand in this balcony and enjoy the view. But this is not only for a view.

Architect Achakar designed this balcony to bring in more light & more breeze in your master-bedroom. Because, we know that good ventilation and natural light refreshes and energizes us physically as well as spiritually.

It meas that your master-bedroom in Metro Jazz is more than a space to sleep with your spouse.

C) Living, Dining, Kitchen & Terrace - The Building Blocks of Healthy Family Relationships:

Architect Achalkar does not deal with space. While designing a home, he deals with the life of a family. His lines, he believes, influences the life of a family.

While designing a home in Metro Jazz, Architect Achakar's responsibility was to create an atmosphere which will upgrade 'family life' of a successful person. A successful person who can afford to invest in his family life. A successful person who values the importance of successful family life. Whatever may be the success level of his family life - Architect Achalkar has to take it to the next level!

"Now, we all have become individualistic. We want our own space. At the same time, life has become stressful & competitive. Not only the life of adults but children's life has also become very competitive & stressful. Sometime ago 'Metrosexual Male' became a buzzword. But you know what? While designing Metro Jazz, I realized that I have to deal with a Metrosexual Family - a Metrosexual Male, Metrosexual Female & Metrosexual Children!," said Architect Achalkar.

"What does it mean exactly?," I asked.
Living, Dining, Kitchen & Terrace
"Means every one is doing well and helping other members of family to do well too!.......Without any bias about gender, age and occupation every family member gives respect and support to other members of the family to do well.......My job was to create an ambiance where this is possible. That's why you can see that a kitchen is not only a space for cooking. While cooking a housewife can interact with her children, relatives and even her colleagues. It's possible in any kitchen in any type of an apartment in Metro Jazz," said Architect Achalkar.

Yes, if you see the size of the kitchen and dinning space attached to it, you visualize a housewife taking maximum benefit of her natural multitasking ability to make her personal as well as her family life better!

The living rooms in Metro Jazz are inviting. Inviting to sit around and talk. Open your mind. Share your day with other members of the family. These are small enough to bring you close and big enough to entertain your friends and relatives.

The layout & size of kitchen, dining, living & terrace is such that all family members can entertain their friends - at the same time. There is space for all. Enough & equal.

The bedrooms in an apartment in Metro Jazz, have complete privacy. The equal respect for all family members reflects in the form of 2 master bedrooms - in a 4 BHK & 3 BHK with / without Servant Room. Even in a 2 BHK Apartment the position of a children's bedroom is such that it is almost a master-bedroom.

Point is, an apartment in Metro Jazz is designed to build healthy relationships among the family members. At the same time, it will give space to every one. To connect & grow.

4) Better Light, Ventilation & Privacy:

Layout Plan of Metro Jazz
Most of the plots in Pune are available in strips. Naturally most of the projects are trains of buildings. But not at Metro Jazz! If you look at the layout of the project, you will find that the Y shape of plot offers natural privacy, view, sunlight & ventilation to all buildings. Amenities in the center binds all and creates community.

Add to it the orientation of the buildings and the floor plan. In a building there are only 2 units of 4 BHK Apartments on one floor. The orientation of a building is East - West. East & West of every flat is open. At the same time, North or South of an Apartment is also open. Not only that! The layout of the floor is such that even the fourth direction is not at all blocked! It means that, an Apartment enjoys the befits of all directions.!

Same with the other buildings - C & D which are now open for booking - have almost East West orientation. And though there are 4 units on a floor - 2 units of 3 BHK with / without Servant Room + 2 units of 2 BHK Apartments - all enjoy all 4 directions!

This openness assures good sunlight & natural breeze to every Apartment in Metro Jazz - all through out the year. And distance between the buildings gives privacy to your bedrooms, as well as, to your terraces.

5) Better Specifications, Amenities & Enough Parking:  

In the last decade no one thought that every family would own a car. So most of the old projects in Pune do not have enough parking space.

While designing Metro Jazz, Architect Achalkar had to consider that the upwardly mobile home buyer in Pune who wants to upgrade his home, will have more than one car. So, he has designed 2 level parking and seen that parking space would not be a constraint for someone who owns 2 or even 3 cars!

A 4 BHK Apartment in Metro Jazz comes with some extra specification but otherwise all specifications are high end.

For example, 2 BHK & 3 BHK with / without Servant Room will have 800 x 800 vitrified flooring whereas a 4 BHK will have 'large' size vitrified flooring. There will be laminated wooden flooring in all master bedroom in all types of units.

Modular kitchen, Chimney & Hob and full height dado will be provided in all kitchens. But the shape of the kitchen platform would be different. The kitchen in a 4 BHK will have C shape, whereas 2 & 3 BHK will have L shape.

Home automation would be provided in all types of Apartments.

A 4 BHK will have split ac in the master bedroom and it will have 100 per cent power back up. Whereas 3 & 2 BHK will have provision for inverter.

All toilets in all types of Apartments will have high end CP - Sanitary fittings and full height wall tiles. The master toilets will have counter top wash basin, glass partition, single diverter mixer and concealed cistern. But a master bedroom of a 4 BHK Apartment will have a Bath Tub too.

The list of specifications is long. Better visit the sample flat of Metro Jazz. It's awesome.

Metro Jazz has every amenity you would like to have. Club house, multipurpose hall,  swimming pool - play pool, amphitheater - facilities of playing outdoor & indoor games - children's play area etc.

Including practical facilities like Piped Gas and car wash area.

It means that at Metro Jazz, amongst all whom you can gel with, your community living would be quite good!

6) Better Infrastructural Services & Safety:

First time home buyer is less aware about the importance of infrastructural services. Like a first time father is less aware about pregnancy pangs.

But an architect knows that designing services are as challenging as designing a premium property. Particularly when he is designing a premium project which has 160 + units of luxury apartments. That too for someone who is looking for upgrade!

"Some may go for upgrade - only because their current homes in Baner Balewadi don't have good infrastructural services!," said Architect Achalkar and added that the services was the most neglected part a few years ago.

While planning Metro Jazz, Architect Achalkar has taken extra efforts. If you look at the list - vermi-culture, rainwater harvesting, water recycling plant, solar power for the street lights & water heating, sewage treatment plant, fire fighting systems etc - you may not get an idea about his efforts. Or a sales executive can not talk about these services as he can talk about amenities. So, it became his sole responsibility to see that all services in Metro Jazz operate well and last long.    

7) Contemporary Elevation:

Elevation of Metro Jazz is minimalist. It's natural reflection of the planning and specifications in an apartment.

For example, Juliet Balcony  has added romance to the master bedroom as well as glamorous look to Metro Jazz.

SS & glass railings of the terraces had given better view to the home owners as well as added sleekness to Metro Jazz.

Result is - a home owner wouldn't have to explain that Metro Jazz is an upgrade. Claimed Architect Achalkar.

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